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Caring for Colombia is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization that builds bridges and mobilizes resources between the donor community and top-quality foundations on the ground to empowering vulnerable communities through the provision of health and educational services. In addition, we invest in leadership training, community and professional development, environmental sustainability, new technology frontiers, and internet access. 


We seek a more equitable Colombia that is guided by inclusive decision-making. A constant focus on identifying, developing, and monitoring high-impact projects will establish Caring for Colombia as the leading U.S.-based organization to promote inclusive and sustainable development in our country.


We aim to be a home for Colombian residents and expats as well as anyone moved to help vulnerable communities in Colombia. We want to be a resource for donors to find the tools, the projects and the inspiration to give and become part of Colombia’s transformation.

Donations to Caring for Colombia may be deducted from personal and income taxes in the US.


Caring for Colombia - Arts


Arts are a powerful tool to forge community and surpass social barriers. They expand the ability to interact with the world and it also boosts self-confidence: making people feel empowered and comfortable. Check out some of the arts-related projects we support!

Caring for Colombia - Health


Having access to good health conditions improves people’s cognitive processes and children’s abilities to learn. It also promotes physical growth and healthy development. Check out some of the health-related projects we support!

Caring for Colombia - Education


We trust that a good school infrastructure, access to quality education and technology-focused programs, make it possible for disadvantaged youth and children to break the cycle of poverty. Check out some of the education-related projects we support!


During the past 17 years, our work has benefitted over 110,000 Colombians by empowering them and putting better opportunities within their reach.

We want to contribute to peace building in Colombia by improving vulnerable communities access to better health, education and arts, therefore they can become empowered citizens who are able to adapt to the XXI century.

CFC Colombian Map