Promoting inclusion for Venezuelan inmigrants in Colombia

By Fundimusicol

Desde Fundimusicol contribuimos con la formación musical de calidad en Colombia. Promovemos la integración, el desarrollo humano, artístico y musical de colombianos y venezolanos migrantes a travès de la práctica colectiva de la música. Esta acción permite el reconocimiento y la interacción social de la población, lo cual impacta positivamente en el entorno. Nuestra actividad se centra en el desarrollo humano, a partir del rescate pedagógico, cultural y ocupacional de niños, jóvenes y adultos de ambas nacionalidades, por medio de la sensibilización artística y la difusión de la música.

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Peace is an art piece

By Fundación Universidad de Antioquia

In 2016 we partnered with Universidad de Antioquia to develop a program called “La Paz una Obra de Arte” by which several artistic educational workshops were carried out as a means to strengthen the self-esteem and civic values of kids and young people from vulnerable areas of Antioquia.

Arts Education
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Fostering creative and emotional intelligence of children and youngsters

By Fundación Amadeus

Donations from the United States: If you require a valid donation certificate in the United States to obtain tax benefits, you can make your donations through this button supported by Caring for Colombia: Your contribution will allow us to strengthen the creative and emotional intelligence of children and youngsters in different neighborhoods and villages in Antioquia - Colombia, through musical learning and the orchestral experience, to continue cultivating the hearts of the next ambassadors of hope that the world needs.

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Cognitive disabilities are not a barrier anymore!

By Asodisvalle

Jeison Aristizábal, our CNN's hero, despite all adversities keeps building a friendlier world for everybody. Now more than ever, you can be part of the change for young people and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. Join this dream, supporting Jeison and all foundation beneficiaries, in this way you'll bet for an inclusive future in Colombia and very soon in all regions. Thanks for your support!

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Contributing to youth transformation through sports, arts and culture

By Corporación En Causa

Corporación EnCausa's purpose is to contribute to youth transformation through sports, arts and culture. Strengthening and nurturing protective environments for children and adolescents, has shown effective success for them to avoid violent or illegal activities. Your contribution and support will allow our community to learn and enhance life skills and character strengths. This will allow them to make the right choices when facing at-risk circumstances in their lives.

Community building
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