Caring for Colombia - Our Solutions

Fiscal Sponsorship: As a 501(c)(3) organization, CFC provides Fiscal Sponsorship services allowing Colombia-based nonprofit organizations to accept tax-deductible donations from sponsors in the U.S. 

We accompany the entire process, from connecting foundations with potential donors and stewarding their relationship, to channeling the granted funds, monitoring their execution and facilitating evaluation and learning activities among all stakeholders.

5% Basic sponsorship services

Start by having your own donate button to receive donations in the U.S. We can also sponsor donations obtained in the U.S. independently of CFC.

7.5% Basic sponsorship + project proposal advisory services.

10% Basic sponsorship + project proposal advisory + monitoring and evaluation assistance services

15% Basic sponsorship + project proposal advisory + monitoring and evaluation assistance services with U.S. government grants.

Every year, we call on Colombia-based organizations to apply for grants funded by CFC. Normally, we receive applications up to the second week of October. Nonprofits can find the terms of reference on our website.

The Caring 5 grant seeks to support programs and projects of non-governmental organizations benefiting children and youth in 5 areas: Arts, health, education, sports, and community empowerment. This year we face new and demanding challenges. While the world continues to survive an unprecedented crisis in human history our goal as members of this global community should be to stay informed and increase awareness; participate in innovative philanthropic projects that promote sustainable human development.

Caring for Colombia - Our Solutions Caring 5
Caring for Colombia - Fundraising online campaigns

Fundraising is more than asking donors for funds, but adding value to their lives and showing how their goodwill is benefiting our communities.

We encourage Colombian organizations to promote their projects, events, and campaigns in the U.S. through different avenues available. We have previously organized strategic fundraising events in New York City and London, as well as supporting fundraising online campaigns with allied partners.

Reach out to us and explore what options may fit your project best.