Committed for regional development

By Universidad de Ibagué

Universidad de Ibagué

What we do

Education is the path to community empowerment and social improvement! At the University of Ibague, this is the core belief to our commitment to our students, community, and the progress of the region and country.

Since March 2020, the whole world has come to a standstill and many businesses, schools, and universities have had to adapt to this new way of life, but progress is happening. 

However, the financial crisis has become a burden for many families and is threatening the prospects of hundreds of young people who have been forced to postpone their studies and put their dreams on hold.

84% of our students who live in households have to survive and thrive on under $500 USD a month, consequently, their families’ efforts to send their children to university are at risk regardless of the massive sacrifices they have made so far.

We at the University of Ibague, feel hugely empathetic to their struggle and want to do more! But we greatly need the support of others who share this belief so that we can ensure that those who really need assistance, get the assistance and guarantee the safeguarding of our most marginalized student’s prospects and future successes.

Currently, we are supporting as many students as possible by providing scholarships, zero interest rates loans, credit refinancing, no fee enrolling costs, free internet, and vouchers to buy computers. But our resources are limited, that’s why we are reaching out to like-minded individuals and organizations to team up with us and together become a force for change.

With your help, we aim to protect 100 additional young people to be able to continue their studies and become the next generation of Colombia’s changemakers. 

Thank you and welcome to becoming part of the University of Ibague’s growing International Support Community.