Enhancing healthy and protective environments for migrant children

By Fundación Comparte por una vida, Colombia

Fundación Comparte por una vida

What we do

Since 2018, this program has enhanced healthy and protective environments for children and youngsters from migrant and host communities in public schools in Norte de Santander (Colombia).

In this way, CPUV Colombia promotes food and nutritional security, preventive health practices, and access to drinking water for more than 2,000 people who are living in the border regions next to Venezuela.

The impact of this program shows a decrease in the school dropout rate (from 30% to less than 10% in two years) in public schools with a high rate of Venezuelan migrant students. 

This program also succeeds in the implementation of its nutritional recovery model in which 93% of the participants show constant progress in their physical, cognitive, and emotional development.