Huertical - reintegrating young people into society

50 young people in the process of social reintegration

By Fundación Anna

Huertical Fundación Anna Caring for Colombia

What we do

Fundación Anna was initially conceived to support and promote diverse forms of artistic and cultural expression in rural areas. In 2015, they began focusing on helping marginalized urban populations recover their place in society and welcoming homeless children – many of whom suffer from abuse or addiction. The Foundation promote social and professional skills that help them build a better future for themselves. In 2019, they build an urban garden in one of Idipron’s (The District Institute for the Protection of Children and Youth) children shelters, hoping to make the model replicable throughout Bogotá. The garden, set up in partnership with Huertical®, help these young citizens develop a sense of community and social responsibility, learn about possible income opportunities and healthy lifestyles that care for the environment.