I refuse being abused

1229 attendees and 652 children indirectly

By FAN (Fundación para la atención a la Niñez)

Me rehuso al abuso Caring for Colombia

What we do

Río Negro es a very affluent suburb near Medellín, yet there remain problems associated with child abuse. In 2017 alone, more than 40 arrests were made for sexual offenses against children under 14 but there are at least 2,000 pending cases or investigations in progress in the region. FAN created care centers (first, one in Medellin and more recently in Rionegro) to provide couseling support to child and adolescent victims of sexual and/or intrafamilial abuse. In 2017 they held a very successful forum called “I refuse the abuse: prevention is everyone's responsibility” in which local actors and international experts provided conceptual and educational information which contribute to the strengthening of local programs for the prevention and care of abused children and adolescentes.

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