Investing in Wayúu Communities's education

By Hilo Sagrado

Hilo Sagrado Caring for Colombia

What we do

During this giving season, please join Fundación Hilo Sagrado to provide the Wayúu indigenous children with school supplies for the upcoming year, and invest in education for the Wayúu Communities. Every year Fundación Hilo Sagrado along with many people, like you, gives the Wayúu children the possibility to dream and learn. From 2016 to 2020, we have handed 2.947 scholar kits. Due, Most of the mothers in these communities can't afford school supplies for their children, your donation will mean the world to them. We faithfully believe that the only vehicle of transformation is education and with these supplies, students would begin their studies with all educational materials. Our foundation works with five groups settled in La Guajira, Colombia. With your support, we’ll impact around 327 students (ages 5-17). We know we can count on you. Every US $15 will help a child getting a complete educational kit for their school return and internet for one year for one of these communities